Where Have I Been?

My apologies - I've been absent from the blog (and somewhat photography) for several weeks now. The end of February marked the sale of our farmhouse and moving into our new home. Glad to have sold the old home, but unfortunately we're not finished with the remodel on the new house yet. Excuse number two, I've started a job search after wrapping up seven years leading Product Innovation for ACCO Brands. Maybe I'm biased, but two pretty good reason I haven't been getting behind the camera as much as I would like (not to mention the horrible weather we've had.) Hopefully I'm back - I'm still working on the house and searching for a new job, but both those are a bit more manageable now and the weather is improving. 

Here are a few shots from Spring Valley Wildlife Area     

Female Lesser Scaup

Osprey with Catfish

Mallard Pair

American Coot

Great Egret

Song Sparrow