SEMED - Scanning Electron Microscope Education Program at WPAFB AFRL

Thank you to the engineers and scientists at Wright Patterson Air Force Base. Once again they hosted students from Bellbrook Middle School to experience the Scanning Electron Microscopes an the Air Force Research Laboratory's Materials and Manufacturing Directorate. Twenty students from Ms. St. Pierre's 7th grade science class had hands on experience driving the scopes as they explore microscopic details of plants, bugs, filament and composite materials. A great team of volunteers (active and retired) from WPAFB guided the students as the explored. Even the adults were allowed to test out the scanning electron microscopes! When I hit the lottery - I could see adding one of these to my camera collection.  

Micro-Filament from a Light Bulb at 5mm

Micro-Filament from a Light Bulb at 500 microns

Exploring the Golden Fly

Musca domestica - the domestic house fly at 5mm

House fly at 300 μm

House Fly at 100 μm

Butterfly Wing at 100μm

Exploring a Penny

Leaf at 200 μm

Leaf at 20 μm

Exploring a composite material  

Composite Material

Thanks to our volunteer guide - John

Ms. St. Pierre's 7th Grade Science Students