Is It Monday Again? Rules of Photography

Sorry - no pictures yet this week. I'm having a continual Monday.

Today I was reminded of one of the first rules of photography - Check Your Gear. Out for a quick lunchtime photo walk, I was enjoying the diversity of insects and arachnids at Woodmen Fen. First problem, snapped a few shots and no flash, the batteries were dead. Swapped batteries (always carry a spare set.) Cool, thought I was able to capture a couple funnel spiders out hunting. After about 30 minutes, I had grabbed what I thought were a few really sharp shots. Checking the images, I was worried that the images didn't look right. Oh wait - the ISO was set up at 2500 from photographing a nighttime football game. Thirty+ shots, down the drain. ISO corrected and the honey bees were out in force. Popped another half dozen shots - everything seemed dark. All my settings looked normal, what was going on. Flash settings? Wait, EV compensation was -3.0 instead of +3.0. Flash settings now corrected. Oh! 12:58 PM. Time to go back to the office. Better luck next time.

Before You Shoot Checklist:

  1. ISO 
  2. f/stop
  3. Shutter speed
  4. Flash power
  5. Battery levels in flash and camera (always carry a spare set)
  6. Take a couple test shots
  7. Readjust as necessary
  8. SHOOT AWAY (and be happier than I was today)

TIP: Shooting macro, I operate in M-Mode. My go to starting point is ISO 200, f/11, 1/200 sec. with a EV of +3.0 to give as much light as possible (this could vary greatly depending on your lens and flash set-up.)