Apparently Its a Rare Little Bird

This morning I was surrounded by over $50,000 in camera equipment as three other photographers from as far away as Indianapolis invaded my quiet Spring Valley Wildlife Area - all trying to get the perfect shot of the Virginia Rail and Sora. Getting the opportunity to shoot these birds in such a friendly environment is apparently more rare than anyone would have guessed. Being five minutes from my house, I'd have never guessed (only suffered minor fits of gear inadequacy). A bit crowded for my taste. But as it turned out, a bright sunny morning - great for getting a few more great pictures for the portfolio. The results - made me very glad the results I get with a fraction of the investment of those other guys. 

Virginia Rail Nikon D7000 ISO 450 600mm f/6.3 1/1000 sec

Virginia Rail Nikon D7000 ISO 400 600mm f/6.3 1/1000 sec

Sora Nikon D7000 ISO 400 600mm f/7.1 1/800 sec

Virgina Rail Nikon D7000 ISO 400 600mm f/6.3 1/1000 sec

Male Red-Winged Blackbird Nikon D7000 ISO 800 600mm f/7.1 1/640 sec